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348a56b5245d8e820f9b6a6c94a2f893Pom poms anyone? These lovely pictures from One Sheepish Girl inspire me to make some.  Meredith Crawford of One Sheepish Girl is currently in Bath, England posting Instagram and Pinterest pictures for the Mollie Makes magazine. How much fun she must be having!

Original Source: (Fruit pom pom – Mr. Printables; be sure to go here, some adorable ideas for pom poms!) Top two pictures: One Sheepish Girl



Check out this food art, almost too pretty to eat! This baked raspberry meringue dish reminds me of little cloud pillows dusted with raspberry powder. Yummy!

Original Source: Food and Cook by trotamundos for recipe and more information on this beautiful dish.


Loving this cardigan.  A lot of color, graphic southwestern design, bold prints. What a great design for a sweater!

Original Source: Nasty Gal, for more shots of this fantastic coat/cardigan.


A little Jared Flood love? Such beautiful colors, patterning, and his yarn is to die for. I wish I could get the courage to tackle a color work project like this! Astas’ Grettir.

Original Source: Ravelry



Is this and this amazing, or what? These “cameras” and “sewing bowl” are ceramic made by Katharine Morling! I am speechless.

Original Source: The Jealous Curator. You won’t believe what else she has done.

And last but not least, this D.I.Y.: ombre porcelain pots, brilliant!

Original Source: Carnets Parisiens for more pictures and instructions on how to make. I must warn you, it is in French, so you will have to translate unless you are fluent.

Hope all is well with all of you! Any weekend plans? Friday I go to my youngest son’s cross country meet, Saturday I will be making and selling donuts with my husband at a fall festival, and Sunday I will be going to church and hosting my church small group. We’re having ham and beans, want to come?

Other exciting news, I just got a part-time job at my local yarn shop. Yeah! I will be teaching classes, selling lots of yarn I hope and generally just having a grand time. This is something I have always wanted to do!

Have a good one!

xoxo Shannon

Knitting, Crafts, Food

Pinterest Interest


//Any Pinterest lovers out there? Or maybe some of you aren’t even familiar with Pinterest. It is a fabulous place to go see thousands upon thousands of “pins” of pictures people post on different boards such as the one above from my account (feel free to check out my boards). It is a great place to get all kinds of ideas, inspiration, recipes, d.i.y. projects, etc. 

//For example: This blue board can lead you down all kinds of roads. If you were to click on say the first pin, the blue eggs ….


You would get this closeup image and a link to the original site of the picture which is Country Living and you would receive detailed instructions on how to achieve this beautiful ombre effect just in time for Easter! 

Then, being a knitter and a lover of color like me, you might be inspired to find some yarn in this same color family:


And I would find this on my “Crafty things” board, originating from Western Sky Knits on Flickr.

Which would probably inspire me to make this:


from Brown Dress With White Dots on tumblr.

Do you see what I mean? Sooo, if you are interested and want to have some fun browsing, please don’t be overwhelmed by it. Just give it a try. What else do you have to do on a Saturday morning (besides clean and who wants to do that?)?

xoxo Shannon