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Rewind and Rework!

Well I was knitting this sample for the yarn store I’m working at and knew I wasn’t really happy with the way it was turning out. Soooo, I ripped it all out (I know, painful but not too bad) and started over. The whole idea with this Ito yarn was to show off the two different textures of the mohair line, Sensai and the 100% silk line, Kinu. I was knitting and purling every five rows when instead I should have been doing a Stockinette for five rows and Reverse Stockinette for the next five rows. Needless to say, the result has been much better and does definitely give a much better representation of the two yarns. See for yourself:  

DSCF8488DSCF8238DSCF8485Can you tell purple is one of my favorite colors?

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IFO: Identified Finished Object – Ingenue


Pattern: Ingenue from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard

Yarn: Alpaca With A Twist, Hawthorne Pink

Needle Size:  US 8; 5.0 mm

Yay, Ingenue is done! Imagine me doing a little victory dance right now, round and round. Well, what do you think? Do you like it, do you, do you? Okay. I will calm down now. Such a feeling of accomplishment, right? I would have shown you the back but since no one was around to help me with pictures (hence, the selfie). It looks exactly like the front, so you get the idea. This top-down raglan sweater by Wendy Bernard was so easy! I would highly recommend this project for any wanna-be, first-time sweater knitters out there. There are things I would have done differently with this project, (isn’t that always the case after you have finished something?!) such as lengthen the sleeves a tad bit and definitely the body of the sweater by about 4-6 inches. As long as I don’t bend over too much and get a cool breeze blowing down my bottoms, it’s okay. It’s wearable, and I have had several compliments already! There’s nothing like compliments to make a knitter girl like me one happy camper.

collageThe yarn was a pretty good choice. Alpaca With a Twist was a dream to work with, although it is a tad bit itchy to wear. When it starts getting colder, I plan on wearing something under it. The pattern was very easy to follow with only one error in it which was changing one word! So a little tip if you don’t already know, always check the errata on a pattern before beginning.


The stitch pattern you see is a Ridge Stitch and is not hard to produce. It just consisted of rounds of knitting, P2tog, K1-f/b, and knitting and that is it. As you can see it was repeated on the sleeve cuffs and neckline. And speaking of the neckline, which was a first for me, it is done in this pattern then folded over in half to the WS and sewn to the top of the Yoke. So simple but with such a stunning effect.

DSCF7954Have a happy weekend!

xoxo Shannon

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7c62f66f851ba215275139a895af9d45Don’t you just love these knitted washcloths? Such a simple beautiful necessity of life. Pinned by Annie Cholewa (formerly known as Knitsofacto).

Original Sources: Counting Stone Sheep and Mmariamula.


8b938629e1b40ee30e1520b1ca8963ecThis dragon fruit smoothie looks too pretty to eat, right? Since I am a big smoothie person, this is right up my alley. Ingredients include: pineapple, bananas, blueberries, coconut water and toppings of granola, coconut flakes and fruit of choice. I am salivating.

Original Source: Jcchong Studio, a wonderful food blog written by Jennifer Chong.

Well, since iPhoto is not cooperating today, I will share with you some of my own photos of things that have made me happy. Hope you like!

888fa59d0d4471918784832e85689c51How about this knitted tote bag? Looks simple enough to me and pleasing to the eye as well.

Original Source: Daily Fix, the on-line home of Fairlady, Home and Ideas magazines. You can find the pattern here.

f67b4b3effb44fc39014a363e3955183I love, love, love this depiction of a Romanian fairytale by Mihaela Paraschivu. This pin was on my “Inspirations” board for good reason.

Original Source: 4.bp.blogspot (Sorry, not much of a link, but it is all I could get).

f9b16a02ebea4fdf4f781b9c083f898eAnd I leave you with this last bit of flower art by Margaret Berg, an illustrator and designer.

Original Source: Margaret Berg Art. Visit her blog as well for some truly beautiful and inspiring posts.

Have a happy weekend!

xoxo Shannon