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Tea, Fiber and Some Knitting Catch-up

Hello all, Happy New Year! Where has the time gone? The months got away from me. I hope you are all doing well, healthy and excited for 2016. It feels good to be talking to you all again. I’ve missed you.IMG_3060Here is my latest dyeing venture with black tea bags and 100% merino wool from Camellia Fiber Company. I love the way these turned out: a soft, classy color, very warm and nice. What do you think?


FullSizeRenderSome past Christmas knitting in progress: I ended up making three of these (Jason’s Cashmere Hat) in red, blue and green for each of my sons. They loved them and I was so proud of myself, cranked these babies out in about four days each. That was fun. I felt very accomplished.

Here’s a little Instagram update for you:

It is finished. #baby #blanket #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram

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My latest FO for a certain pregnant someone who will remain unnamed just in case she pops in. This was a very quick, satisfying project done in a cotton yarn which I will have to say has never really appealed to me in the past. But this was a nice quality yarn from Berroco, “Modern Cotton”, worsted. The pattern, “Chevron Baby Blanket”, is a freebie and can be found here.

Ley Lines” is getting close to being done. It’s a little fiddly in Section 5 where you start to bind off the sections on the even rows. Not sure if I’m doing this right. It’s unique and different from any other pattern I’ve tried.

#sock #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #wool #blue #white

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A fairly new project I’m attempting. Having a little trouble at the point in the pattern where it says to “turn the work inside out and work in opposite direction to finish the sock”. Pattern is “Hugs Socks” by Jean Moss from her book, “Great Little Gifts to Knit”.  Anyone attempted this one yet?

How is your year going so far? Trying anything new? Be brave, go knit something good.

xoxo Shannon

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348a56b5245d8e820f9b6a6c94a2f893Pom poms anyone? These lovely pictures from One Sheepish Girl inspire me to make some.  Meredith Crawford of One Sheepish Girl is currently in Bath, England posting Instagram and Pinterest pictures for the Mollie Makes magazine. How much fun she must be having!

Original Source: (Fruit pom pom – Mr. Printables; be sure to go here, some adorable ideas for pom poms!) Top two pictures: One Sheepish Girl



Check out this food art, almost too pretty to eat! This baked raspberry meringue dish reminds me of little cloud pillows dusted with raspberry powder. Yummy!

Original Source: Food and Cook by trotamundos for recipe and more information on this beautiful dish.


Loving this cardigan.  A lot of color, graphic southwestern design, bold prints. What a great design for a sweater!

Original Source: Nasty Gal, for more shots of this fantastic coat/cardigan.


A little Jared Flood love? Such beautiful colors, patterning, and his yarn is to die for. I wish I could get the courage to tackle a color work project like this! Astas’ Grettir.

Original Source: Ravelry



Is this and this amazing, or what? These “cameras” and “sewing bowl” are ceramic made by Katharine Morling! I am speechless.

Original Source: The Jealous Curator. You won’t believe what else she has done.

And last but not least, this D.I.Y.: ombre porcelain pots, brilliant!

Original Source: Carnets Parisiens for more pictures and instructions on how to make. I must warn you, it is in French, so you will have to translate unless you are fluent.

Hope all is well with all of you! Any weekend plans? Friday I go to my youngest son’s cross country meet, Saturday I will be making and selling donuts with my husband at a fall festival, and Sunday I will be going to church and hosting my church small group. We’re having ham and beans, want to come?

Other exciting news, I just got a part-time job at my local yarn shop. Yeah! I will be teaching classes, selling lots of yarn I hope and generally just having a grand time. This is something I have always wanted to do!

Have a good one!

xoxo Shannon

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weekly yarn feature


How about a little Brooklyn Tweed “Loft” yarn. I thought a tweed was in order for the coming fall knitting season! This yarn is 100% targhee-columbia wool, a fingering weight grown and spun in the USA (I like this). At 275 yards a skein this lightweight fingering would be perfect for lacework, accessories, and garments as suggested by Brooklyn Tweed. It costs $14.50/skein and comes in 32 luscious colors.

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cede366df41944214c7fc45b7a09b20eI have long loved this yarn and probably adding to its allure is it is so hard to get a hold of! Of course I am talking about the infamous Wollmeise yarn from Rohrspatz and Wollmeise. This yarn is dyed by one woman named Claudia living in Bavaria. Do make sure to visit her site and see all of the pretties! This is the 100g (340 yd) Twin, hand dyed super wash sock yarn made up of 80% wool and 20% polyamid.

Care: It can be washed in the gentle cycle up to about 86 degrees fahrenheit (30 degrees celsius), lay flat to dry.

Other sources: The Loopy Ewe carries this yarn. I think you can get on their email list to find out when they have it in stock. I found this really good article all about where and how to find it. I am pretty sure I have seen it on Ebay before as well. Good luck!

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This BEAUTIFUL hand-died 50/50 SW Merino and silk 4-ply fingering weight yarn called Prairie Garden by JulieSpins on Etsy can be yours for $32.00. Julie from Boston, Massachusetts says it has a lovely sheen and drape thanks to the silk and would make a wonderful lacy shawl, any lightweight garment and even a pair of socks! Go to her shop, you won’t be sorry. She offers hand-dyed roving as well.

Care: Hand wash cold water, line dry.

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7c62f66f851ba215275139a895af9d45Don’t you just love these knitted washcloths? Such a simple beautiful necessity of life. Pinned by Annie Cholewa (formerly known as Knitsofacto).

Original Sources: Counting Stone Sheep and Mmariamula.


8b938629e1b40ee30e1520b1ca8963ecThis dragon fruit smoothie looks too pretty to eat, right? Since I am a big smoothie person, this is right up my alley. Ingredients include: pineapple, bananas, blueberries, coconut water and toppings of granola, coconut flakes and fruit of choice. I am salivating.

Original Source: Jcchong Studio, a wonderful food blog written by Jennifer Chong.

Well, since iPhoto is not cooperating today, I will share with you some of my own photos of things that have made me happy. Hope you like!

888fa59d0d4471918784832e85689c51How about this knitted tote bag? Looks simple enough to me and pleasing to the eye as well.

Original Source: Daily Fix, the on-line home of Fairlady, Home and Ideas magazines. You can find the pattern here.

f67b4b3effb44fc39014a363e3955183I love, love, love this depiction of a Romanian fairytale by Mihaela Paraschivu. This pin was on my “Inspirations” board for good reason.

Original Source: 4.bp.blogspot (Sorry, not much of a link, but it is all I could get).

f9b16a02ebea4fdf4f781b9c083f898eAnd I leave you with this last bit of flower art by Margaret Berg, an illustrator and designer.

Original Source: Margaret Berg Art. Visit her blog as well for some truly beautiful and inspiring posts.

Have a happy weekend!

xoxo Shannon

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DSCF7368 DSCF7371 DSCF7373 DSCF7376 DSCF7380 DSCF7383 DSCF7384 DSCF7390 DSCF7394 IMG_0941It is finished! Finally!! The “Aya” Scarf, a design project of my own, has taken me far longer than I would have hoped. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this yarn, Noro’s “Aya”, although it does tend to break fairly easily so watch your strength when pulling out knots, etc. The color progression was fun to behold, and I did not have to work too hard to execute the pattern and come up with a satisfying result. Hopefully you will agree. The pattern:

“Aya” Scarf

Dimensions: Approx. 7″ x 55″

Materials: 3 skeins of  50 gr.  Noro  “Aya” (50% cotton, 35% silk, 15% wool) or any other DK weight with good color progression.

Needles: #6 straights

Gauge: 6 sts per 1 inch, 7 rows/rnds per 1 inch

Stitch Pattern: Welting Fantastic – A multiple of 11 sts.,

Rows 1 through 5 – Knit.

Rows 6 – * K2 tog, k2, knit into front and back of each of the next 2 sts, k3, ask; rep from *.

Rows 7, 9, and 11 – Purl.

Rows 8, 10, and 12 – Repeat Row 6.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

Cast on 44 stitches. Knit in welting fantastic pattern for 385 rows or until scarf measures 55 inches. BO all stitches.

I want to introduce you (if you already don’t know about it) to a book I have been using for all of my design projects: Knit Notes by Nadine Curtis, the founder of Be Sweet, a yarn manufacturer and distributor of knitting patterns.

DSCF7396 DSCF7399It is a great book with ideas for inspiration, how to use the book, project pages where you can document your work with a swatch, materials, quantity of yarn needed, needles used, embellishments, other tools, gauge, body measurements, finished measurements, and pages for pattern notes with a spot for posting a picture of the finished project.

DSCF7400 DSCF7401 DSCF7402 DSCF7403 DSCF7404