Knitting Trends of 2017 – Did you Adhere to Any of Them?

Whether it was the ponytail or bun hat (can’t forget the pink pussy hats!), oversized sweaters, long coats and sweaters, long scarves, giant yarn, panetone’s green color of the year, hand-dyed yarn, texture and lots of it, the cocoon cardigan, or speckled yarn, this past winter knitting season offered many areas of inspiration and fun.  Did any of these influence your knitting this year? Did you feel the need to add any of these trends to your Ravelry que? I know I was definitely influenced in that I wanted to make an oversized sweater by Michele Wang or Norah Gaughan. Here are a few of my favorites:


Top: Michele Wang’s Illia – a cabled cocoon cardigan from her Brooklyn Tweed Capsule collection of patterns

Bottom: Norah Gaughan’s Sourcebook Flared Pullover from her new book, “Knitted Cable Sourcebook”, which I have. It is a great book to add to your knitting library.

These both speak to me in several different ways: the unique architecture of both pieces, LOVE the boxiness and ease of wear they offer,  and the beautiful texture in the form of cables and ribbing. Can you tell I like cables? Ha!

I’ve also really enjoyed ogling the speckled yarn eye candy of Instagram by Peepaloofields or Republic of Wool, not to mention the many other beautiful hand-dyed gems by, tusken knits, and house of à la mode, just to name a few!

Peepaloorepublic of woolTop: Flip Flop – Sensible Sock yarn by PeepalooFields, Sensible Sock is an 80% Superwash Merino Skein 20% Nylon, 2ply Skein – 400Yards/100gr. See PeepalooFields’ great feed and many updates on her Instagram page.

Bottom: Game Over – DK, a 1005 superwash merino, 250 yards, 115 grams. This is unfortunately sold out at the moment. You can easily get updates by following Michele on Instagram.

Y2Ktusken knitshouse of alamodeTop: Olann’s offering in Panetone’s fabulous color of the year in her Y2K sock yarn.

Middle: Tusken Knit’s “Fuzz”, another sock yarn.

Bottom: House of a la Mode’s “Smoked Peach” colorway which is offered in several different weights. Oh, what I could do with all of these!

Love these scarves from Missoni: What fashion statements, what color, what inspiration!

Missoni long scarf0cb167e2184790c7be5898526028ad9d

Here is my bi-color version of a long scarf using Plucky Knitter’s Traveler DK in Chamomile and Green Goddess in the woven diagonal herringbone pattern:One of my wips/designs I need to finish. It includes an edging and trim of garter stitch, then on to the herringbone stitch. Pretty easy but so beautiful.

So tell me, did you fall prey to any of these trends? Until next time …..

xoxo Shannon