Designer of the Week – Joji Locatelli

Just today I cast on one of  Joji’s shawl patterns, Ley Lines. I think it is going to be a good one! What initially attracted me to this was the unique way she designed the directional patterning of the p2 k2 rib. I’m using the yarn I mentioned in my last post, love it so far!

IMG_2859 IMG_2862Also, how do you like my new yarn bowl? My super talented neighbor is a wood worker. I told him he should look into making yarn bowls. This was only a few days ago mind you, and low and behold last night he brought this to me. I am in awe. Isn’t it a beauty?! I think I first found Joji on Ravelry, then pretty soon started seeing her in other places. She just had a design (mimic) published in Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People Vol. 9 (see below). This t-shirt dress looks so comfy and easy to knit to boot! I know it is a top-down construction beginning with shoulder-shaping knit flat to the underarms and changing to circulars down to the hem. The great thing about top-down knitting is you can try on as you go and make it however long or short to fit your needs.
 What I love about her work is her classic sensibility, unique and interesting touches she sometimes adds as seen below in her “On the Road Again“, and just plain beautiful feminine designs. This is a removable cowl, how ingenious is that? See how the buttoned tab leads your eye down to the pattern? Love that! This is in my Ravelry library as a must-knit.

Other favorites …..Opposite Pole“Her Ravelry page describes this is as a cabled cardigan with reversible collar and set-in sleeves, a circular shaped garment which can adapt and fit to your body shape. Who doesn’t want that?

Where to find more of Joji:

Soooo, go “knit, do good” today!

xoxo Shannon


3 thoughts on “Designer of the Week – Joji Locatelli

  1. Another Joji fan here, although her Inner Peace defeated me, I just got fed up with knitting all those little bobbles in the too woolly yarn I’d chosen.


    1. Inner Peace is in my Ravelry library. I hadn’t noticed the bobbles yet and bobbles have defeated me in the past as well! I guess we could try to figure out something else for the trim? A picot edge might work.

      The yarn bowl could possibly be in your future if you so desire. I may decide to try offering them in my etsy shop. I will make it known if this happens!


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