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Are you living a creative life?

Mollie Makes has featured a designer and told her creative journey. This has been the desire of my heart for some time, to be living the creative life. Just how to go about it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. So let’s find out shall we?

Here’s the story of well-known Etsy seller, Louise Walker of Sincerely Louise fame.


I’ve always loved her creations. I think one thing obvious about Louise is that she found a way to stand out, to be unique.  I also think this requires a certain willingness to take risks, to try something new or just go with what your gut is telling you.

What is it that keeps you from pursuing this creative life? Fear? Lack of confidence? Lack of time? I once read that you just have to start doing something and see where it takes you. I like it. It’s like you are being given permission to “just do it”.

Some more “creatives” I like:

Ashley of Woolful writes a successful knitting blog and prolific podcast where she interviews a lot of fiber folk, journals about her life on a farm living the creative life, and processing yarns from her wool.

Liesl of Buckaloo View writes in a very fresh and honest way about her knitting, sewing, yarn dyeing and podcasting.

Shannon of Very Shannon out of Canada who designs knitting and sewing patterns and has published some great knitting books. It seems she is able to accomplish quite a lot and do it in a very appealing way.

Kate Davies of Kate Davies Designs who resides in Scotland of all places! Who wouldn’t be inspired living there?! Her timeless, spot-on designs always show a lot of creativity, great color and pattern work. Her Funchal Moebius is among some of my favorites of her work.

And these are just to name a few!

I encourage all of you to go for it, just do it and don’t be afraid. Until next time.



4 thoughts on “Are you living a creative life?

  1. fabulous recommendations! I love Louise of Sincerely Louise, her stuff is so innovative and fun. I totally want to knit her tiger rug pattern one of these days!


    1. Thank you, Julie! It’s great she has found a way to make a living creating fun animal shapes, right? That tiger rug pattern would be adorable in a kid’s room!


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