a new design process

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I am trying to come up with a spring/summer design, as you can see in the picture of my rough sketch. The first swatch I knit up was done in a 100% tanguis cotton by Mirasol (their Hapi line) which definitely gave it some texture and depth, maybe a little too much. I haven’t decided yet. The next yarn I want to try is a 100% mercerized cotton from Plymouth Yarn, their Covington line in a very pretty corally/peachy color.

The only item I have ever knitted using cotton was a dishcloth. So I kind of had this mindset of cotton? Really? I am finding out though, there are some really nice yarns out there, especially when they are blended with something else. Did you know there are different types of cotton?

For instance, tanguis cotton is a long staple cotton grown in the coastal valleys of Peru. It is best known for its softness and great absorption.

Now mercerized cotton (named after one British chemist, John Mercer) is made so by a process that produces a more lustrous product than its counterparts. This lustrousness remains even after washing and gives a very nice, extravagant appearance to the finished garment.

Soooo, it continues. But it is fun, this process of trial and error.

ic1dX3kBQjGNaPQb8Xel_1920 x 1280Nature’s design.

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo Shannon