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So colorful, so fun, I love the idea of this. Go fly a kite! These are Aeroplay Kites, a do-it-yourself package for children between the ages of  9 and 12. The package will make two kites and consists of  two containers, one tube holding wooden dowels and one box that contains materials to tie the kites together.


I am seeing more and more jewels on clothing, in hair etc. lately. This would be so easy to make a hair accessory for yourself by adding a few faux jewels to a headband or whatever you could come up with.

Original Source: May I Have That?


S’more anyone? Talk about a glorified version, this is it! It has some of my favorite ingredients: salted caramel, strawberries, white chocolate, what’s not to love?!

Original Source: Love and Lemons  You might want to go here to get the recipe and to also enter a giveaway for a $100 Whole Foods gift card.


How about these awesome pink mohair pants? Check out the socks and shoes as well. So colorful, so radical. Could you wear it?

Original Source: Between Peace and Happiness, a British blog covering fashion/design/crazy art.


This all fits together so well, the wallpaper, vase, chair, colors on the chair.

Original Source: HauteLook, a on-line shop for home, women, men, kids, and beauty.


What you’ve all been waiting for, right? Some knitting! This lovely fair isle face cloth is a beaut, is it not? I love the interplay of light and dark colors against a neutral background. She knit this in a cotton yarn pulled from her stash collection.

Original Source: Porcupine Jane, written by a lovely Brit named Jane I suppose who is into all sorts of handmade items: crewelwork , needlework, cross stitch and crochet. Give her a look see!


Here’s some color work for you: the Perneiras da Serra de Ossa pattern by Rosa Pomar. Might be a good first time color project if you are willing and courageous!

Original Source and Pattern: Ravelry