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bab6f8198d6fa0d2f5d1872fe05b0b2cSlip stitch pattern on a hat from Hedgehog Fibres, an independent artisan fibre and yarn dyeing studio found in County Cork, Ireland (download a free pattern). The yarns used for “Citadel” include Hedgehog’s very own Blue Faced DK and a pure cashmere lace. As can be seen from the pictures below, this hat has a lining, is reversible and therefore, very warm.

Citadel pattern:

Round 1: *k5, p3* around.

Round 2:*Slip 5 with yarn in front, k3* around. Keep yarn loose when slipping the 5 stitches to prevent puckering of fabric.

Round 3: *k5, p3* around.

Round 4: k2, *k1 from under slipped strand of yarn two rounds down, k7*. Repeat from *.

Repeat rounds 1-4 (12 times).

What drew me to this pattern is how well it pops especially with this yarn. The pattern is able to be seen and stand out in all of its glory.

IMG_9392IMG_9421 IMG_9395