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“Vicky” and the “Happy List”

DSCF7200 DSCF7201 DSCF7202 DSCF7203//My work thus far on “Vicky” by Lene Holme Samsoe as first mentioned here. This is a very easy pattern which produces an elegant vest made up of two strips knit in a net lace pattern. These strips are then sewn together in three places and wah la, you’re done!

Yarn: Knit Pick’s “Bare” superwash wool, nylon, fingering weight

Needles: U.S. Size 10 straights

* * * * *

“THE HAPPY LIST” (Things I’m Loving Right Now From Pinterest) festival21_medium2//Summer Festival Pattern by Georgie Hallam. This is a top-down, seamless cardigan perfect for summer. It is also part of a four pattern series ebook of which can be bought separately or all together. I don’t know about you, but that sunshine yellow is making my day!

39af5cdf2ce19d7ad7ef86b1c307809c//Print on metal by Sofia Bonati. This work is so interesting and get this, it is painted on a metal plate known as a displate. See more here.

83cfd78b4a58f2f1b70bffaec50d14be//From Wool and The Gang, Summer Kits. This company has so much on the ball when it comes to knitting kits and it seems they have brought knitting to an even cooler level. They were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal about this sweater. In this kit, you can choose the main and stripe colors, choose your waistband ribbon color and buy knitting needles to go along with it.

7c756cc29f702434a1958353b52d6314//A Norwegian Space with Boho rustic touches from My Scandinavian Home. This is for all of you Bohemian types who love a little bit of rusticity, elegance and neutrality all rolled into one. Be sure and check out the blog from whence this came. It is written by a London girl living in Sweden who loves  Scandinavian interiors. The photos are fantastic! 66fb587e9a1a4ec136dfadcac145b54e//Jellybean Giraffes Throw Pillow by Clara Nilles. This pillow comes in four different sizes and two different fabric types, one being a medium-weight polyester with a tighter weave (Everyday Indoor) and the other (Luxe Indoor), a heavy-weight polyester. Check it out here for more info.

11711e79fa12609b9994603c7a4fed48//Taller La Lana from Feta Casa. I love, love, love these color combos and also how the different colored stripes increase as they travel down to the edge.

56de4a323cd8b13cbfd59512ec3ed9f1//From Sidsel J. Hoivik for Coats Expotex host 2012. What an interesting and beautiful mix of color and pattern!

924e2de99ea55bea91aab151d5abb568//Great sweater from Loubis-and-Champagne. I adore the simple lines and style of this sweater.  The all over lace pattern and drop shoulder features contribute to this classic look.

Happy trails and happy knitting!

xoxo Shannon