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Still Life

DSCF6109Dogwood in bloom ///  I find great comfort in being able to capture something so simple, yet beautiful in my own back yard! Do you all ever do that? Just step outside and click away? I am really enjoying photography lately and would love to take a class. As you can tell, I have a thing for flowers and of course, right now, everything is in bloom. This sepia tone gives such a lovely vintage feel that seems comforting, I love it. iPhoto is a great program to use if you have a Mac.  There are other programs that will do this for you as well: Pic monkey, Pixlr (which I have used quite a bit in the past and still do from time to time), among others.

DSCF6108Here is one example of what Pixlr can give you. What do you think? This was a result of using their “effect” option in “unicolor”. These sites are really very easy to use. I personally prefer to start out using the Pixlr Express option when you first go to the site. Then it is pretty self-explanatory and very user-friendly. You can play around with it and let me know what you think.

DSCF6111 DSCF6112Creeping Phlox // So easy to grow and it works so well falling over a stone wall. Miss Squeakers thinks so too.

DSCF6113 DSCF6114Dogwoods in their full glory.

Finally some knitting patterns I have queued in my JKnit HD lite app (this is a great knitting pattern reader for iPads):

Beata Jezek Picture: Miki BarlokViaduct Shawl /// I have been thinking about a project I could start to take on the plane with me to Italy (less than two weeks away!) This was one I have been looking at by Beata Jezek on Ravelry.

yarma_medium2Martinmas Shawl /// Here is another freebie on Ravelry by Sarah Burghardt; love the beads and color!

IMG_1354_medium2June Bunnies Shawl /// And last but not least, this beauty from Inese Andzane on Ravelry. This has such a light and airy feel to it. Beautiful!

I have a giveaway to share with you from Very Pink on Youtube (do it quickly, it ends today!):

Good luck!

xoxo Shannon