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Europe Bound

a1mV1egnQwOqxZZZvhVo_streetThis could be a similar shot of a street I will be seeing soon in Italy (thank you Unsplash). Yes, I know! I leave in four weeks and needless to say, I am very excited. Have any of you been before? This will be my first trip to Europe. The things I am looking forward to the most are the culture, which includes the great food of course, amazing architecture and museums full of incredible art, the people, beautiful Tuscan countryside and last but not least, new yarn shops (there are several, I have already researched)! Florence (or Firenze) will be my base. It is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and the “Athens” of the Middle Ages (per Wikipedia), so there will be a lot of art to look at as well as sculptures (statue of David).

It is also very important in the fashion world, being ranked as one of the top 50 fashion capitals in the world! Florence even hosts the Pitti Filati twice a year. This is the top trade fair for showcasing yarns in the knitting industry, focusing on technological innovations and services for the textile industry. Textiles made Florence a very wealthy city. Go here for some visuals.

While traveling around on the web, I found a great site, Yarns of Italy. It is run by Kim and Alex in Springfield, Missouri and they sell Italian yarns in a grand assortment of weights and colors, even dyeing their own line of Italian yarn called Piemont Naturals. According to Alex (who is Italian),  the best yarns come from Italy. Imagine that. You need to check out their lines, they have quite an offering. Here are just a few:



It is nice to know we have this in our own country, right? I will be traveling to Iowa in June to see family and Missouri is on my way so who knows, I might have to make a pit stop.

xoxo Shannon