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Grey Goodness

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It is so beautiful where I live right now, the fall colors are outstanding! Speaking of color, or the lack thereof, I am bringing you a post showing the beauty and simplicity of some knitwear designs that are very neutral but pleasing to the eye and which are rich in texture which is imperative in a neutral color scheme. Aaah, it is amazing what can be done with yarn, right?

To a Grey Dress

There’s a flutter of grey through the trees:
   Ah, the exquisite curves of her dress as she passes
   Fleet with her feet on the path where the grass is!
I see not her face, I but see
   The swift re-appearance, the flitting persistence—
   There!—of that flutter of grey in the distance.
It has flickered and fluttered away:
   What a teasing regret she has left in my day-dream,
   And what dreams of delight are the dreams that one may
It was only a flutter of grey;
   But the vaguest of raiment’s impossible chances
   Has set my heart beating the way of old dances.

Source: Poetry (August 1918).