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New iMake Podcast Promo

Good morning everyone. I would like to introduce you to a wonderful podcast if you already don’t know about it. It is iMake, hosted by the lovely Martine from the Guernsey Islands. She talks about a wide range of crafty topics that might include knitting, sewing, the Guernsey culture, etc. It is very entertaining and enjoyable, please be sure and check it out.

New iMake Podcast Promo.


And now for a knitting update; I have been working on the Garter Stitch Coat by Debbie Bliss for a while now. It is moving right along and the first sweater/coat I have ever made. So far, I am very pleased and encouraged by it. Since it is done entirely in garter stitch, it is a very good project for a newbie sweater knitter such as myself. I would encourage any of you out there to jump right in and not be intimidated by starting a sweater as I was for so very long. Once you get going, it is not bad at all and very rewarding to do.

Up close and personal.