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Book Inspiration

Hello there and hope you are having a splendid day. I have here two publications I recently acquired that I thought you all might enjoy and be inspired by and want to go out and grab! They are “Homespun” by Selina Lake and a fairly new magazine coming out of England entitled “Making”.Making and Homespun Style

Here are some shots from the Making magazine you will enjoy ( This magazine is full of how-to crafty ideas and articles with great photos and quality, glossy pages.

… and some from Homespun Style by Selina Lake (, also a very good quality product with lots and lots of colorful “homespun” ideas for your humble abode!

And some of my very own yarn stash to inspire you to get out there and make something, it is Fall afterall!

Happy knitting, sewing, crafting in general to you all. Have a blessed and joyful day; until next time.