DSCF7460 DSCF7462 DSCF7463 DSCF7464 DSCF7465Here are my oldest and newest W.I.P.S. Ingenue (as I first introduced to you here and here) is coming along very nicely, only have the sleeves left to do! It has been a pretty easy and fast knit. I would highly recommend this for a first-time sweater project for anyone wanting to dive in and just do it!

And I am really enjoying my newest project, the “Rikke Hat” by Sarah Young. It is being done up in one skein of Madelintosh Tosh Merino Dk on #4 circulars in the Cathedral color way. Love this yarn!

2qv8f2v_mediumYou can find this free pattern on Ravelry.

DSCF7470 DSCF7471 DSCF7472 DSCF7473 DSCF7474 DSCF7476 DSCF7477


Sometimes I tend to not think about knitwear being a high fashion item or a fashion forward trend. There are two different worlds though aren’t there as it relates to knits. There is the homespun, hand knit world for us “amateurs” and there is the trendy, upbeat fashionista world as evidenced by this post on This Is Glamorous. I love this site, I just stumbled upon it today whilst browsing Pinterest, and it inspired me to write a post!

7600e3695ecdc99ceaa12e98337163c9How about this beautiful Missoni scalloped crochet knit top found here.

Alexander-Lewis-Resort2014-01. . . Or my favorite found at Style Bubble. To me, what makes this stand out is the pattern combined with the unusual color combinations and it all works together very well!


IMG_9803I love this fun, quirky work by Katie Jones of K2togdesign from London who combines her love of color, texture, and pattern; throw in a little bit of whimsy and thriftiness and you’ve got one-of-a-kind designs.  It appears she likes to use a combination of crochet and knitting in her work. Style Bubble writes a good article here featuring Katie.


And last but certainly not least, this sweater ensemble from HANIA by Anya Cole, Fall/Winter 2014 collection is divine. The color, the cable patterning, what’s not to love? All of Anya Cole’s designs are hand knit by ninety knitters she employs from different boroughs in New York. Only the finest yarns custom twisted for HANIA are used coming from the best cashmere mills in Italy and Scotland. While you are going to pay for these works of art, the quality has to be outstanding, not to mention the sheer inspiration derived from just gazing upon the designs.


I leave you today with a little something I found on Ravelry, this lovely Moon Pulls sweater pattern by Dianna Walla of Paper Tiger. The pop of turquoise really makes this design stand out. What do you think?

After reading this through, I hope no one thinks I am downplaying us hand knitters. On the contrary, just trying to offer us all something to think about, to be inspired by and to enjoy.

Happy Wednesday!

xoxo Shannon



BluSand Pattern by La Maison Rililie as seen on Ravelry. As you will see on Ravelry, this can be done in a couple of color ways. You also have the option of choosing two different yoke treatments: one, a combination yoke; two, a raglan version. Suggested yarn for this cardigan: Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton DK. Such a fresh take on a classic design. I like this, A LOT. (Note the contrast color on inside pocket!)

Original Source: Lamaisonrililie, Knitting Therapy Blog.

51a0012e161473e7d24751fc73d4a4e7How about this delicious looking Halloween punch! It’s almost time! I’m ready. Where I live, the mornings have been cool. Getting me in the mood.

Original Source: Honestly Yum, a yummy looking food blog written by creators of Honestly WTF. (Note: the recipe does call for a bottle of spice rum! Just saying . . .)

8f9ecc102f1c5c8842977e476285388aI do love me some art work! Coastal Walkway by Gail Kellett. I will let it speak for itself.

Original Source: Gailkellet Gallery Her medium: linocut printmaking. She hand draws her designs right on to the lino. You will be amazed at her outstanding offerings.

156b2a16b0f5e9cff11c6dbd4d20e8b5Ashburn Pattern by Melanie Berg. This was knit using garter and slip stitches in the Plucky Knitter Bello yarn. Love everything about this shawl, the unusual collection of colors, design, and its graceful appeal.

Original Source: Ravelry page and at Mairlynd.

fe35f2520ccd41eacfa6a333b970c9bcOh if I could have one of these right now! The photographic quality of this is speaking to me as well. Love the props that have been used in this pic.

Original Sources: (pin) SomewhatVintage and Kanelaylimon, a Spanish food blog with some awesome photos.

I hope you are all having an awesome and inspiring weekend!

xoxo Shannon


cede366df41944214c7fc45b7a09b20eI have long loved this yarn and probably adding to its allure is it is so hard to get a hold of! Of course I am talking about the infamous Wollmeise yarn from Rohrspatz and Wollmeise. This yarn is dyed by one woman named Claudia living in Bavaria. Do make sure to visit her site and see all of the pretties! This is the 100g (340 yd) Twin, hand dyed super wash sock yarn made up of 80% wool and 20% polyamid.

Care: It can be washed in the gentle cycle up to about 86 degrees fahrenheit (30 degrees celsius), lay flat to dry.

Other sources: The Loopy Ewe carries this yarn. I think you can get on their email list to find out when they have it in stock. I found this really good article all about where and how to find it. I am pretty sure I have seen it on Ebay before as well. Good luck!



This BEAUTIFUL hand-died 50/50 SW Merino and silk 4-ply fingering weight yarn called Prairie Garden by JulieSpins on Etsy can be yours for $32.00. Julie from Boston, Massachusetts says it has a lovely sheen and drape thanks to the silk and would make a wonderful lacy shawl, any lightweight garment and even a pair of socks! Go to her shop, you won’t be sorry. She offers hand-dyed roving as well.

Care: Hand wash cold water, line dry.


7c62f66f851ba215275139a895af9d45Don’t you just love these knitted washcloths? Such a simple beautiful necessity of life. Pinned by Annie Cholewa (formerly known as Knitsofacto).

Original Sources: Counting Stone Sheep and Mmariamula.


8b938629e1b40ee30e1520b1ca8963ecThis dragon fruit smoothie looks too pretty to eat, right? Since I am a big smoothie person, this is right up my alley. Ingredients include: pineapple, bananas, blueberries, coconut water and toppings of granola, coconut flakes and fruit of choice. I am salivating.

Original Source: Jcchong Studio, a wonderful food blog written by Jennifer Chong.

Well, since iPhoto is not cooperating today, I will share with you some of my own photos of things that have made me happy. Hope you like!

888fa59d0d4471918784832e85689c51How about this knitted tote bag? Looks simple enough to me and pleasing to the eye as well.

Original Source: Daily Fix, the on-line home of Fairlady, Home and Ideas magazines. You can find the pattern here.

f67b4b3effb44fc39014a363e3955183I love, love, love this depiction of a Romanian fairytale by Mihaela Paraschivu. This pin was on my “Inspirations” board for good reason.

Original Source: 4.bp.blogspot (Sorry, not much of a link, but it is all I could get).

f9b16a02ebea4fdf4f781b9c083f898eAnd I leave you with this last bit of flower art by Margaret Berg, an illustrator and designer.

Original Source: Margaret Berg Art. Visit her blog as well for some truly beautiful and inspiring posts.

Have a happy weekend!

xoxo Shannon


I have been wanting to feature crochet work on here for some time now, and am finally getting around to it. As I don’t really crochet much, I would like to change that and learn how. I have tried learning on my own with some success, but only the basics. Here are some definitely not your basic projects:



Crochet beads necklace by Pam T. of Irregular Expressions on Etsy. Can you tell I love color? This combination of beads and color are speaking my language.






From Aow Dusdee on Flickr. Her Flickr account is chock full of beautiful, colorful, inspirational photos. Be sure to take a look see.












My favorite crochet blogs:

Sandra at Cherry Heart just released a lovely pattern this month.

Little Things Blogged written by Tanya is a great place to visit and see some wonderful photos and projects.

emma lamb offers a great new crocheted shawl kit here.

Meet Me At Mikes is a wonderful general craft blog written by Pip. Check out her tutorial on the Larksfoot crochet stitch.


DSCF7405My current crochet references: Vogueknitting has put out three crochet issues so far and true to form, they have published a high quality publication with great photos, patterns and articles. The two books shown, Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight and Crochet Noro from Sixth & Spring Books/Knitting Fever featuring the gorgeous Noro yarn are two really good offerings giving easy classic instruction in the first along with great patterns and in the second, dazzling colorful patterns.

Any other crochet blogs, references and/or publications I need to know about? What crochet projects are you working on? I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Shannon